Tips For A Clean House With A Messy Dog

Tips For A Clean House With A Messy Dog

Set Up A Mudroom Or Cleaning Station
According to house cleaning services, you don’t need an entire room for keeping your friend from making a mess after his walk. It’s enough to have a small space that works as a cleaning station where you store their leash, walking shoes, a towel and a cloth or wipes to clean your dog’s paws after a walk. If you take your dog out for relief, don’t forget to also have plastic bags available.

Plan For More Play Time Outside.
The more time your dog spends outside, the less house cleaning effort for you, especially if your furry friend leaves behind a trail of hair. This will also make it more likely for your pet to do his business outdoors rather than inside your home.

Keep Their Bed Clean
Most beds come with removable covers that either you or your maid service can wash easily in the washing machine. Make sure you wash them on a weekly basis to get rid of germs, odor, and dander.

Assign A Storage Place For Toys
Having your friends scattered around your house contributes to a cluttered environment that can be stressful. Home cleaning services recommend having a nice-looking basket or container to store toys in order to keep your home looking tidy at all times in case of unexpected guests.

Keep Your Dog’s Goods Out Of The Kitchen
Placing your dog’s food, water, and bed in the kitchen might seem convenient, but any reliable cleaning company would advise you against it, as germs tend to gather around the dog’s bed and feeding bowls. You might want to consider the laundry room or any place that you don’t use for cooking or eating. Whenever possible bathe your dog outside and avoid the kitchen sink for that matter.