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JOLA Magic Touch Cleaning Service Inc in North Chicagoland

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At JOLA Magic Touch Cleaning Service Inc, we provide top notch home cleaning services and general cleaning services for residential properties North Chicagoland. We use premium quality cleaning products, solutions, and methods to clean, sanitize, and organize your space from ceiling to floor. 

As a preferred cleaning company in North Chicagoland, we can clean every space in your home such as bedrooms, basements, and garages. We excel in house cleaning where we assist residents in preparing their homes during moving in and help them clean up when moving out. 

We hire only the best and most qualified cleaning specialists from the area. You can trust us to give you a fresh, ambient, and conducive space, whether you hire us for house cleaning services or moving out and moving in cleaning services.

Services Provided by Jola Cleaning Company

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House Cleaning Services

Need house cleaning services? Trust our cleaning specialists to do a fantastic job and leave your place spotless in every corner from floor to ceiling! We use high quality materials for premium results.

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Move Out Cleaning Services

At Jola Cleaning Company, we provide house cleaning for different occasions, including moving out. We can clean and sanitize the space into its former state and make it look brand new for the next resident.

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Move In Cleaning Services

Moving into a new space? Let us give it a touch of our home cleaning services before you settle in. We will make sure everything is clean, fresh, and ready for your arrival.

Stack of clean towels on table in bedroom

Professional Exterior House Cleaning Services by Jola’s Cleaning: Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Is your exterior in need of some T.L.C.? Maybe the patio needs hosing, or your exterior walls need to be cleaned of dirt and grime. Here at Jola’s Cleaning services you can depend on us to get your outside area spic and span. We are a well- known cleaning company, specializing in outside cleaning and professional exterior house cleaning services.

Our professional exterior cleaning team is trained and experienced in using modern techniques and equipment. Shiny, sparkling windows, surfaces free of dirt, grime and mold, when we finish your house will look like a different property and your curb appeal will soar.

Why Choose Our Home Cleaning Services?

Professional Cleaning Services

At Jola Cleaning Services, we bring exceptional results within affordable costs. We incorporate high technology into our house cleaning services, making ours top of the line in the industry. We serve residential spaces.


We strive for 100% client satisfaction at all times. Our mission inspires us to bring our best work forward each time and provide you beyond satisfactory home cleaning services in the North Chicagoland area.

High Quality Products

We use premium cleaning systems and solutions that enable us to deliver high quality cleaning services. At Jola Cleaning Services, expect brilliant and lasting house cleaning that you can afford. Call us today!

Safety as a Top Priority

Your safety is our priority. We ensure that our cleaning services consist of highly-trained individuals who are honest and dedicated to their job. All of our cleaning materials are high-quality and safe to use.

Great Communication

We take pride in our house cleaning services in North Chicagoland and strive to build an excellent relationship with our customers by keeping great communication at the forefront of our work. We take time to listen and are always available to speak day or night.

Affordable Prices

Our house cleaning services in North Chicagoland has efficient cleaning practices. We offer cleaning services using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art tools for an affordable price without a reduction in quality.

Living in a Clean House is Much Nicer
We Know How Time-consuming Cleaning Can be, So We Are Here to Help

Our Home Cleaning Service Areas


Step 1: Call us or Send a Quote

Get in touch with us through a phone call or an email to request a quotation regarding our home cleaning services around North Chicagoland. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a list of our services.

Step 2: Accept Quotation

Choose from our specified cleaning services in North Chicagoland and confirm that you agree with our proposed quotation. Feel free to discuss your particular cleaning requests in the next step. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to consult us anytime.

Step 3: Discuss the Details and Arrival Date with us

In this step, you can openly discuss your cleaning specifications for our maid service in North Chicagoland to apply on your chosen date. Set the best schedule for our cleaners to come over to your place and perform the work.

Step 4: Enjoy the Results of our Cleaning Services

At our cleaning company North Chicagoland, we strive to satisfy our clients with our expert cleaning services using premium solutions and methods. Schedule with us again the next time you require our top-notch house cleaning services around North Chicagoland!

FAQ About Cleaning Services North Chicagoland 

Choosing whether to hire cleaning services North Chicagoland citizens can rely on is a personal choice that only you can make. If you are hoping to remove cleaning from your list of chores, you can schedule a free consultation with JOLA’s Cleaning Services. We look forward to explaining the details of our house cleaning services including the cost, schedule, and other factors. After hearing what we have to say, your decision may be easier.

The cost of our cleaning services has a range that depends on your property size, the frequency of cleanings, and other factors. We offer free quotations of cost for these reasons. We invite you to call us to discuss your budget and how we can customize our cleaning services to create a program for your personal needs.

House cleaning services North Chicagoland homeowners can expect include a variety of items from vacuuming to countertop sanitizing, along with all tasks in between. After cleaning from our team, you will be delighted to see spotless floors, countertops, appliances, and walls in all living spaces.

Many North Chicagoland residents prefer weekly cleanings, while others perform basic house cleaning themselves and engage JOLA’s Cleaning Services for big projects. These include deep cleans, move in or move out cleaning services, and other specific occasions. No matter the frequency you require whether it be once a week, before a special event, or once every few months, we have you covered.

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